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CLEIA Receives Order for German Roofing Tile Plant

New success of CLEIA/FR for roofing tiles high technology projects: the German company ERLUS AG chooses CLEIA to realise a new roofing tiles plant on its historical production site of Neufahrn / Niederbayern.

The know-how and the technical expertise of CLEIA for the firing technologies and for the automatic handling systems, as well as the trust of ERLUS AG towards the valued professionals of CLEIA had positively motivated the decision of the ERLUS executive board. The transformation of the factory 2 meets the demand of the German market for high quality clay roofing tiles and especially for models of the ERLUS range. This new unit will include a liquid seal kiln Hydro-Ecofast type which allows to obtain best roofing tiles quality with an unmatched tight firing atmosphere. The kiln will be fitted with high performance CLEIA equipment and gas burners, ensuring very low energy consumption. The whole handling machineries are also fabricated and installed by CLEIA, which offers the most modern and reliable solutions. The production unit will be managed by the Wincer PLC control system. The first roofing tiles from this new kiln are foreseen in the beginning of summer 2013. On the existing line roofing tiles were fired with U cassettes in a traditional kiln. The new factory designed by CLEIA will allow to fire roofing tiles and fittings on H refractory cassettes and thus homogenise the highly appreciated production quality of ERLUS roofing tiles. The particularity of this unit is to simultaneously produce roof tiles and flat accessories. After firing the accessories will be automatically recognised then picked from the main circuit to be packaged on a special line. (1/2013)

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