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INMATEC Technologies GmbH Expands Capacities

With the beginning of 2013, INMATEC Technologies GmbH in Rheinbach/DE is able to announce the commissioning of a fourth production unit for ceramic feedstocks.

INMATEC Technologies GmbH is producer and developer of ceramic feedstocks to be applied to ceramic injection moulding. The feedstocks are produced on production units called shear roll extruders which are equipped with a special wear-resistant coating. Utmost cleanliness is required during feedstock production; a thorough quality control ensures the consistent high quality of the feedstocks produced. In the focus of the feedstock development are currently high purity alumina materials for final translucent and transparent components. The processing of powders for the production of glasses is a rapidly growing field of ​​activity. In the meantime the demand for zirconia-based feedstocks is also increasing. Moreover various other raw materials are requested which are processed into very specific products. With the new production unit the INMATEC Technologies GmbH is able to compensate production peaks. The already high flexibility is increased even more and the production units can be used specifically for products respectively raw materials. (1/2013)

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