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ColorGATE and IPAC: Inline Colour Measurement Cooperation

ColorGATE has been successfully developing software solutions, RIP software and printer driver technology for commercial and industrial printing since 1997.

ColorGATE’s core product, Productionserver, a modular RIP, workflow and colour management software is dedicated to digital ceramic printing and typical ceramic production environments. In conjunction with the new Rapid Spectro Cube HD SP it serves as a turnkey solution that takes care of all colour related aspects within the digital cer­am­ics tile decoration process. IPAC GmbH located in Villach in Austria and since September 2016 member of the Fagus-GreCon Group is technology leader for colour measurement of decorative surfaces. The goal of the cooperation between ColorGATE and IPAC is the development of inline colour measurement solutions with Closed-Loop Colour Correction, in order to assure continuous colour accuracy and colour-consistent print results on modern single-pass digital printing systems. Manufacturers and users of industrial digital printing systems are addressed as potential project partners who realize or operate systems for colour-critical production and who value the great importance to colour consistency.

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