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ELINO Celebrates 80th Anniversary and Inaugurates Modernized Technical Laboratory

ELINO Industrie-Ofenbau GmbH, industrial furnace manufacturer situated in Düren, has gone through a history full of tradition with many both political and industrial ups and downs, which it all survived successfully.

Thanks to the intensive research and development, a large amount of technical innovations were implemented in industrial plant technology and today ELINO is regarded as market leader in several sectors of the industry. ELINO is appreciated worldwide and has established itself a reputation with dur-able and service-oriented furnace plants during the last 80 years. Still today, ELINO remains faithful to its principles and is focusing additionally on energy efficiency in plant technology and on the subject of renewable energies. The company celebrated its anniversary together with many long-standing companions. The inauguration of the modernized R&D Center, where customized tests and research can be carried out, was the great highlight of the jubilee. The company in addition has always been exemplary also with respect to the training and further qualification of young people in the surroundings. Business proprietor, P. Blandinières, who integrated ELINO into his international group of furnace manufacturers in 2010, praised the commitment of the employees without whom the achievements of the last 80 years would not have been possible. Also managing director D. Schäufler believes in “his team” and emphasized that companies with such a long history have a responsible role to assume not only in business but also in society.

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