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XAAR Launches New Website for Ceramic Printhead

XAAR plc has launched a specialist website ( dedicated to helping the global cer­amics market learn more about the significant benefits of digital inkjet ceramic tile decoration and featuring XAAR 1001.

Visitors to the website can find information about the many advantages of digital inkjet ­cer­amic tile decoration, including: higher quality, high creative flexibil­ity enabling wider product ranges, reduced wastage, efficient small batch production and more. For those that wish to look more deeply into XAAR 1001 technology, animations show how the printhead works at a microscopic level, helping ­manu­facturers to understand and appreciate the benefits the XAAR 1001 brings to ceramic tile decor­ation. The new XAAR digital inkjet ceramic tile decoration white paper is available to download in English. In add­ition, visitors are invited to use the website to contact the leading tile printer manufacturers and approved ink suppliers, all of whom work with the XAAR 1001. The website is delivered in eight more languages: Chinese, German, Gujarati, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Turk­ish. (7/2013)

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