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SABO: New Project for Wienerberger in Hungary

At the end of 2012, Wienerberger AG/AT assigned to SABO S.A./GR the modernization of the production line for the handling of wet material for Solymar, a factory in Hungary. 

This is not the first time that the big multinational group has entrusted SABO. This project is following a ­series of others concerning modernization of factories or deliver of new manufacturing plants. The equipment for the Solymar ­pro­ject has been delivered in March. The project involved the design, construction and installation of auto­matic machinery for a line starting from the handling of empty pallets, the loading of wet material using ­robots, and their handling up to the place of loading the dryer cars. The production capacity is 130–140 million NF, equivalent to 550 t/d of blocks. Conveyors were used for transporting empty pallets up to the position of loading, where a robot equipped with special gripper, takes over to handle the wet material loading to the dryer pallets. After having loaded the wet material, the pallets are conveyed by a series of conveyors to the loading system of the dryer car. (7/2013)

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