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EnerViT Combustion System Successful on the Market

The EnerViT heating system from Keramischer OFENBAU/DE is now successfully in operation in over 35 kilns. Fields of application are oxidizing, gas-heated roller and tunnel kilns with firing temperatures of 1000–1350 °C. All customers are extremely satisfied with the results achieved, both in terms of reduced consumption and product quality.

It has been proven that gas consumption and CO2 emissions have been reduced in old plants modernized with EnerViT, that is, 17,5 % in already energy-efficient own-brand kilns and up to 33,5 % with EnerViT in third-party kilns. The results are based on a joint consumption and quality analysis before the kiln revamping and the identically performed analysis after the kiln modernisation. The investment in new kiln plants with EnerViT system led to consumption reductions of up to 54 % compared to existing plants.

In the coming years, the expected steady increase in CO2 taxes will pose major challenges for the energy-intensive sector of the ceramics industry. Keramischer OFENBAU has developed further possibilities with focus on energy savings at kiln plants:

–  the EnerViTplus system in oxidizing firing tunnel and roller kilns, with extremely high potential for reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions;

– the Lambda Control System for oxidizing chamber/shuttle kilns;

– an air/water heat exchanger system.

Keramischer OFENBAU, based in Hildesheim/Germany and known for its extremely energy-efficient kiln systems, is constantly setting new milestones in the further development of energy savings in ceramic production. The company offers ceramic producers a thorough analysis of the established firing systems with professional optimisation with regard to production process, product quality, amortisation as well as modernisation or new investment.

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