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Environmental Technology for Calcined Kaolin

The solutions and installations of the German company E.I.Tec./DE have established it as a distinguished environmental plants supplier both around the world and across all industries.

Calcined kaolin or molochite is one of the “white minerals” produced at the Imerys Minerals site in Cornwall/GB. The product goes to many markets including aerospace, medical and power generation, and also has very good properties for refractory and ceramics applications. The process generates an exhaust stream which contains HF above the legal limit. E.I.Tec.’s solution uses ­cal­cium carbonate as a reagent, in such a way as to keep the required amount of reagent to a minimum, and provide a simple long term solution that at the same time cleans other lower level pollutants from the exhaust. The HF concentration is expected to be reduced by approximately 150 times, bringing it well within the GB legal limit of 10 mg/m3. The location of the installation presents an interesting set of challenges both in terms of the local and very picturesque area, and also within the works boundaries. The site proposed for the unit means that Imerys had to fit the unit between the side of a factory, and an embankment made up of initially a vertical wall, then a gradually lessening gradient. This presents some practical issues for both craning in the assembly and also the tight fit of the unit during and after installation.

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