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Höganäs AB Uses 83 % of All Side Streams

Metal powder manufacturer Höganäs AB’s production plants all over the world create vast quantities of byproducts (side streams). The company is working to ensure that as much of this material as possible is used as new raw material in its own production processes or by other industries.

A large proportion of these side streams is returned to Höganäs’ production processes, while some is used as raw material for other manufacturing companies – as a raw ma­ter­ial for asphalt, insulation or as load-bearing layers in groundworks. In 2018, 83 % – or 155 400 t – of all side streams from Höganäs were reused in the company’s own production or by other industries.
“Side streams from Höganäs can replace materials that are otherwise blasted out of rock for use in roadbuilding, for example. Höganäs is part of the circular economy in that we provide industries with raw ma­ter­ials from our side streams and largely use scrap as raw material in our own production processes. The more side streams we can use in society, the less virgin material is needed,” says Björn Haase, who is responsible for Höganäs’ work with side streams. Finding potential applications for Höganäs side streams has not always been quite that simple. Björn Haase is a pioneer in the field, and his insistent efforts and cooperation with other companies are one of the main reasons why Höganäs manages to use so much of its side streams.
“We are successful in pursuing technical development and projects that the entire steel industry can benefit from, thanks to co­oper­ation with companies in the steel industry and other industries. We also link together industries that do not normally come into contact with one another. Water treatment with slag for the water treatment industry is just one example of successful projects of this kind.We have a number of products from our side streams, but we have to come up with new options the whole time. This is why we carry out extensive sampling procedures in order to analyse and control the qualities of our material and work out the industries for which the material might be useful,” says Björn Haase.

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