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IPS Ceramics Boosts Productivity at Heath in USA

The Californian manufacturer Heath Ceramics – which celebrates its 70th anniversary next year – has seen a remarkable leap in productivity as a result of its recent collaboration with IPS Ceramics/GB.

Heath is particularly renowned in the North American market for its stylish, trendsetting din- nerware but also has a tile factory that it established in the Mission District of San Francisco back in 2012.

When the decision was made to reconfigure the kiln cars for tile firing, Heath called on IPS Ceramics to come up with a kiln furniture system that would also allow for more product per firing. IPS decided that the optimum material for the tile plant would be SiC. In one of IPS Ceramics’ most significant projects in the past year, the first system for Heath has now been delivered, constructed, trialled and moved on to full production operation. Early test firings were very successful using the original firing program – each new car has an increase of 45 % capacity. Design is paramount at Heath Ceramics and this has to be backed up by the top quality that customers expect. This new firing system delivers on that front too. “We‘ve not only seen a significant lift in capacity but we are also seeing that the product is aesthetically looking better,” confirmed Neal Beardmore, Heath’s Production Director, “which is improving yields and importantly, our temperature distribution is tighter than ever. From an energy perspective, we have already been able to take 10 % off the overall firing cycle and we expect to reduce this further.”

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