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KICET Introduced Pressure Casting Technology

KICET – Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering and Technology in Icheon/KR is the central institution for the ceramic industry in South Korea to test and introduce new technologies to the ceramic manufacturers.

SAMA/DE has supplied and commissioned a pressure casting machine, type PCM 100 N/D designed for the casting of ceramic articles
of different design, like plates, container, boxes, plattern and other shapes. It features a shifting plate by which the machine capacity can be increased to two mould fitting stations. With this configuration different articles can be cast simultaneously. Various types of ceramic slurrys, ranging from bone China to typical Korean celadon can be pressure-cast with this machine. The target of the KICET activities is to prove the suitability of the pressure casting technology for the various manufacturers‘ requirements in terms of article shape and ceramic material properties. Furthermore, improvements to the ceramic slurry can be recommended to achieve an optimum pressure casting process result in terms of quality, quantity and efficiency. KICET has hosted a symposium beginning of March in order to introduce the machine in operation to the majority of the South Korean ceramic producers. During the symposium SAMA presented the pressure casting machine in operation casting Bone China large oval plates. Pressure casting technology as well as resin working
mould technology were also introduced in a presentation. Resin working moulds will be made in house by KICET technicians who have been trained in respect of mould making technology.

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