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Natural Graphite Foam

The specialist for natural graphite GEORG H. LUH GmbH provides a broad variety of natural graphite grades which can give high perfor­mance to a wide range of industrial graphite applications.

An innovative foam of pure natural graphite without additives or binder is the newest product in the range of the company’s products. Especially for heat management applications natural graphite foam shows significant economic and technical advantages in comparison to metals: graphite is chemically inert und extremely resistant to oxidation. Graphite is about 30 % lighter than aluminium and about 80 % lighter than copper. The specific heat conductivity of graphit (370 W/m·K) is comparable to that of copper, but significantly higher than that of aluminium (160–200 W/m·K). The natural graphite foam from GEORG H. LUH is available in a density of 100–400 g/l. It can be shaped to almost any shape either during the production process or by mechanical processing.

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