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New Beacon Program of Energy Efficiency in Carbon Fibre Processing

Harper International/US, world leader in thermal processing solutions for advanced materials, announced the launch of BeaconTM a ground-breaking new program offering carbon fibre manufacturers the ability to evaluate the carbon footprint of their manufacturing process and identify opportunities for improvement.

Harper has developed a model that analyzes various plant configurations and capacities, precursors, integration scenarios and energy recovery options and ranks the environmental impact of the process line. This endeavor establishes a baseline and a facility-specific metric that can be used to develop improvement plans to drive greater energy recovery and lower operating costs. A new website also launched as a part of the program. On this site, users can experience the concept of BeaconTM with a preview survey that evaluates the carbon footprint in a short example model. The complete BeaconTM model is a complex analysis of over 100 design parameters. This work expands upon Harper’s previous cost modeling providing insight into the impact of energy efficiency as a part of the overall cost of operations.

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