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New EKO Kiln – Worldwide Sales Already Topped 50

The new EKO kilns line developed by ­SACMI/IT is gaining ever-larger market shares all over the world; over 50 machines have already been sold in 10 countries around the world, 70 % of which have already been started up successfully at plants belonging to global ceramic industry’s ­major players.

Primacy in terms of consumption is certainly not the only EKO strong point: advantages extend to design features that boost market competitiveness and full compliance with all the most modern production requirements. SACMI has responded to the need for frequent size changeovers and accurate management of increasingly smaller production batches by cutting kiln consumption during pauses in production (by 25 %) and by implementing firing curve monitoring and control systems to minimize temperature variation inside the firing chamber (within 2 °C). This allows for high-precision material yields regardless of size or thickness, thus minimizing waste. The decision to place kiln consumption data at the disposal of customers ensures they can monitor kiln performance in real time via an advanced, user-friendly interface. On SACMI machines, the supervision system provides all essential system information and can be interfaced with external control tools, a factor vital to the proper management of modern manufacturing facilities.

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