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New Kiln Supplier for the Ceramics Industry

Jose Eutíquio, founder and former managing director of Fornocerâmica and his son Paulo Eutíquio, former production/project director of Fornocerâmica, together with a specialized staff, decided to establish the company PORTKILN.

J. Eutíquio accumulated over more than 30 years experience in the development of all kind of kilns and furnaces and started working at Drayton Kilns/GB. The new company based on the know-how they have accumulated in the field of kilns and furnaces for the ceramics industry is more competitive and innovative and has the German TÜV certification. The PORTKILN team is well-prepared not just to develop new kilns with new hardware and software control systems, but also to supply kilns and furnaces that are compatible with those manufactured by Fornocerâmica which are already installed. Technical assistance for Fornocerâmica kilns is also available. The new company also integrates specialized people for the development of heavyclay turnkey plants for manufacturing bricks and roofing tiles (12/2011).

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