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New Sanitaryware Production at Seramiksan

Seramiksan is a ceramics manufacturing company located in Turgutlu, near Izmir/TR which has long been among the top five Turkish tile ­manu­facturers.

Seramiksan has now started up a brand new sanitaryware plant with a daily production capacity of approx. 2500 pieces of ­me­dium and high range quality. The high-pressure casting department is organized into cells with 16 single-mould machines (model AVM 150) for casting WC bowls and 3 multi-mould machines (model ADS 150) for casting other pieces including one for console washbasins up to 160 cm wide with quick mould change-over systems. Within the casting cells, vertical and horizontal pre-driers guarantee optimum conditions during. Sacmi/IT supplied the complete modelling de­velopments and microporous resin moulds. The moulds are part of the 55 % worldwide supplied resin moulds in sanitaryware factories installed by Sacmi. Sacmi was also technological partner for bodies and glazes formulation. All stages of unfired pieces handling inside the casting cells are performed by a robot, including pre-dried pieces loading onto trolleys. The product flow is controlled by a laser-guided handling system, afterwards the articles proceed towards 6 Sacmi intermittent driers model LWD 2/8 with automatic doors. Glazing of all shaped pieces is carried out by 3 GA2000 robots. The glazing process is fully auto­mated in order to ensure top quality and environmental sustainability: from automatic piece infeed, which minimizes rejects, to cleaning the piece support, from inside glazing of the siphons to the application of dry filters for total glaze recovery with the elimination of glazing booth washing water disposal. The system is completed by 2 Riedhammer/DE kilns: a TWS tunnel kiln (108 m long) and an HWS intermittent kiln (with a firing volume of 84 m3 working). Another important feature in terms of energy sustainability is the heat recovery system from the cooling zone of the tunnel kiln. The machines have been arranged according to a layout designed by a joint Sacmi-Seramiksan team. In designing and implementing the plant layout the space and services potentially required to double production capacity in the near future were ­taken into due consideration. The plant allows quick product change-over reducing any potential production inefficiencies to a minimum. Casting, handling, drying, glazing and firing are controlled by PLC.

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