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Nutec Celebrated 40th Anniversary

This year Nutec Group celebrated its 40th anniversary. Its over 700 employee, having done business in over 50 countries, are proof of Nutec’s success.

Its two main divisions, Nutec Bickley – In­dustrial Furnaces and Kilns and Nutec Fibratec – Ceramic Fiber Products, had a record year in 2014. With a solid stra­tegic plan, both will continue experiencing a strong growth in years to come, always based on the same values and principles which Nutec was founded on four decades ago. Nutec Bickley has now four main Business Units: Metals, Ceramics, Combustion and Controls, and Services. Each business unit has its own staff and specific know-­how, including sales, engineering and support. Each unit is sharing the resources of Nutec Bickley’s Operations and Staff teams at its main headquarters and world­class manu­facturing facility in Monterrey, Mexico. This structure has allowed each of the four Busi­ness Units to offer an improved value to their target markets, and become leaders at each segment. The group’s R&D team capabilities include CFD fluent software for thermal and fluid dynamics simulation, top line instrumen­tation, and a state-­of­-the­-art lab including industrial­-sized furnaces and kilns, with operating temperatures up to 1800 °C.

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