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PowderMet 2015 and AMPM 2015

This year, MPIF and APMI host the PM industry on 17–20 May in San Diego offering PowderMet 2015 (International Conference on Powder Metallurgy) and AMPM 2015 (Additive Manufacturing with Powder Metallurgy).

The “marriage” of these two conferences was inevitable. Both focus on advanced manufacturing methods that have high material utilization rates; relatively low energy consumption; utilize recycled materials where possible; and provide a good work environment for employees while being economically responsible for shareholders. PowderMet 2015 and AMPM2 015 will attract the world’s leading industry technical minds promoting PM technology advancements. 800–1000 delegates will transfer knowledge as they attend technical sessions, Special Interest Programs, and view the poster display. The 100 booth marketplace exhibition will showcase leading suppliers of powder metallurgy and particulate materials processing equipment, powders, and products. Special events include a Keynote Presentation by Chris Anderson, CEO of 3D Robotics, founder of DIYDrones, and former Editor-in-Chief at Wired magazine; the Design Excellence Awards Luncheon featuring recipients of the 2015 Awards; State of the North American PM Industry; and the main social event Miramar – A Top Gun Night. The AMPM 2014 Conference will showcase metal additive manufacturing (AM) as a process of making three-dimensional solid objects by adding successive layers of material rather than by removing material, as is common in conventional methods such as cutting or drilling. Focused solely on metal part technology, over 40 presentations
from global industry experts make this a truly international collaboration of the latest industry developments. Presentations will include the perspective of metal powder producers; toll providers and end-user of these processes; R&D programs from academia and consortiums; and equipment manufacturers. Topics include materials, processes, technical advances and barriers, and applications.

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