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Porcelanosa Reinforces Its Leadership with SACMI

The Porcelanosa Group, a global player on the ceramic manufacturing scene and Spain’s leading ceramic enterprise, has began a radical renewal of its production plants as part of a continuous improvement policy centred on quality enhancement and optimization of the production process.

Porcelanosa has chosen its partner SACMI to supply several latest-generation machines equipped with the most advanced market available technology. The starting point for this production plant renewal, expected to be completed within a
year, is the new grinding line. The “hub” of the line will be the new continuous-grinding MMC120 mill which will replace the 8 discontinuous grinding mills currently in use, thus providing major energy savings while simultaneously optimizing the production
process in terms of both costs and the quality of the ground powders. Further on, the following months will see progressive replacement of the 6 existing presses with an equal number of PH5000L units with higher pressing forces (up to 49000 kN) more suitable for larger tiles. Together with installation of the new presses, the drying department will also be upgraded; this will be done both by adapting some existing machines to keep pace with the increased output rates of the presses and by installing new driers to replace others entirely. Lastly, the installation of a brand new single-layer FMP285 roller kiln with an overall length of 109,2 m, equipped with all the latest gas and electricity consumption reduction devices, will allow Porcelanosa – already ISO 18001-certified on account of its commitment to cutting environmentally harmful emissions – to achieve further energy savings while simultaneously reducing CO2 emissions. The new kiln has also been specially designed to ensure optimal control of every single stage of firing, even with very large tiles, and to boost finished product quality.

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