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RAK Ceramics Chooses SACMI-Intesa for Digital Decoration

The ceramic product digit­al decoration solutions developed by the Italian company Intesa-SACMI have won the trust of RAK Ceramics/SA, one of the world’s most important ceramic industry players which has an annual output cap­acity of 117 Mm2, facilities worldwide and distribution networks capable of reaching more than 160 countries.

The 8 DHD digital decorators currently installed in the Group’s facilities are joined by further 6 machines, bringing the total number of solutions supplied to RAK Ceramics to 14 (including the one incorporated on the recently supplied all-new Continua+ line). Intesa-SACMI supplied not only the digital printer but also the pre-print software for processing the images prior to their transfer onto the product. Intesa-SACMI has responded to the need of pre-print image piloting and management systems by developing CHRONO 3.0 colour management software. This was developed entirely by SACMI, starting with the specific characteristics of the ceramic production process, the different stages of which (e.g. glazing and firing) contribute significantly to the colour forming process. All the digital printers provided – DHD 708 models with an effective printing width of up to 697 mm and a resolution up to 360 DPI – are also equipped with advanced remote assistance software that lets specialised SACMI technicians interact with the machine, anywhere in the world.

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