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Romani Group Applies First New SACMI Press PH8200

Romani Group, based in Casalgrande, provides through its brands Serenissima, Cir, Cercom, and Cerasarda high-quality tiles since 1968. Romani is now the 1st manufacturer to purchase the new SACMI PH8200 press.

This press, the latest model in the Imola series which was launched in 2006 – since then, 850 presses were sold – was developed according to cutting-edge Industry 4.0 principles.The follow-up to the successful PH7500, this latest model offers higher pressing power allowing tiles production of considerable thickness and format. It also mounts the CSR, rapid mould changeover system – now standard on the highest-tonnage SACMI machines as it allows moulds to be switched extremely quickly by just a few workers. Additionally, the new press PH8200 has a completely new automation logic based on the Ethernet Powerlink protocol allowing ultra-high communication speed, and therefore a more precise and effective control of all machine parameters including energy consumption. In order to provide predictive diagnostics, SACMI combined these key features with an advanced sensor system; the latter effects real-time monitoring of vital machine parts, highlighting any problems or maintenance needs before they can impact regular press operation.


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