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Titanium Generation – a New Company

Titanium Generation GmbH – TiGen is a new company focusing on heat treatment and thermal debinding and sintering for titanium Powder Metallurgy (PM) processes like 3D-printing, metal injection moulding and others.

TitGen offers equipment and engineering solutions to companies that need to heat-treat, thermal debind, and/or sinter titanium components. The main advantage of this equipment are the superior material properties. TiGen is a joint venture between MUT Advanced Heating GmbH, Jena, and Element 22 GmbH, Kiel. Both companies are pi­on­eers and industry leaders in their industry. MUT is a specialist for thermal debinding and sintering equipment as well as for heat treatment of materials like titanium. Element 22 is global leader in titanium PM with 30 years experience. Over recent years, MUT and Element 22 developed the optimal equipment and ­processes for titanium PM products with ­focus on low investment volume and extreme ­efficiency, resulting in low oper­ational costs.
Titanium Generaton – TiGen offers not only equipment, but also engineering support for the development of optimal sintering profile and settings for customer products. Furthermore, TiGen offers engineering support for the overall required equipment solutions, including per­iph­eral devices.

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