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SACMI Engineering for the Entire Indian Ceramic Market

SACMI Engineering, based in Ahmedabad, the thriving industrial centre in the state of Gujarat, absorbed the two companies in Mumbai and Morbi, previously operative in India under the name SACMI Impianti India.

The new company provides manufacturing, sales and assistance at the service of the entire Indian market. This impressive service and resource rationalisation project has gone hand-inhand with an ambitious investment plan: the construction of a new industrial base 70 km outside Ahmedabad, in the industrial district of Sanand, where SACMI has purchased a 55000 m2 plot of land. The first stage of the plan has involved the construction of a 7000 m2 manufacturing and spare parts facility plus a further 500 m2 intended for office use. The work carried out by SACMI Engineering in Ahmedabad, which produces machines and complete plants for ceramics, beverage and packaging, will be transferred to this new site while the facilities at Mumbai and Morbi will remain unchanged. SACMI made the decision to invest here as the area lies at the centre of fast-paced, dynamic expansion that has, over the last few years, seen numerous local and international businesses take root there. SACMI intends to make full use of the plot’s construction potential by building a further plant and expanding office facilities to occupy another 10000 m2: a scenario that, together with the reorganisation and development of SACMI Engineering, highlights SACMI’s commitment to ever-more effective coverage of that Indian market which is so strategic to the Group’s prospects in Asia and the entire Far East.

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