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SACMI Group: Revenues in 2021 Hit a Record of over EUR 1,53 billion

Consolidated revenues of more than EUR 1,53 billion, up almost 40 % on 2020, with sales and orders returning to pre-COVID levels: these were the key facts that emerged from the SACMI Imola Members’ Assembly held in May, which approved the Group’s Consolidated Financial Statement and proceeded with the renewal of the Board of Directors.

From an economic perspective, SACMI/IT confirms its exceptional financial and asset solidity, with net equity reaching EUR 773 million and the net financial position touching EUR +97 million. EBIT and EBITDA also progressed impressively in 2021, reaching EUR 82 million and EUR 145 million, respectively.

The year 2021 was characterized by a sharp increase in revenues – thanks to strong order flows – and record-breaking performance, especially regarding Tiles  sector, which saw a remarkable 99 % increase in machine sales; Whiteware sector also performed well thanks to a generalized market recovery and the finalization of numerous projects that had been put on hold by the COVID emergency.

Advanced Materials sector posted highly satisfying results, both in the traditional Refractories and Metal sectors and in emerging areas, especially those linked to the manufacture of components for the lithium-ion batteries that are driving global growth in electric mobility.

In terms of markets, SACMI strengthened its sales position in all the world’s main areas as investment levels spiked across Europe and the Americas. Despite very strong competition, SACMI also performed well in Asia, confirming its role as a key technology provider both in the traditional ceramics and packaging sectors and in emerging areas such as components for the electrical automotive sector, Carbon and advanced ceramics.

Throughout 2021, the focus was on supplying technologies and production processes that are environmentally sustainable, a goal that’s playing an increasingly strategic role in business decisions.

“Governance, skills, and a sense of belonging to the company are all vital factors in responding to change”, stated the President of SACMI Imola, Paolo Mongardi. He also pointed out that the extraordinary results of 2021 stemmed from “SACMI’s ability to hold its course in heavy seas, ensuring continuity of production and excellent levels of customer service throughout the health crisis”.

Investment in skills training remains as important as ever: in addition to the 17 000 h of technical and language training and 6700 h of safety training provided in 2021 alone, the company is pushing ahead with the Academy, the SACMI training hub both for internal staff and stakeholders. Moreover, projects with schools, universities and research facilities continued apace, with active partnerships now exceeding 100; lastly, since its founding, the Group has now filed more than 5000 patents.

Note also that 2021 saw SACMI increase its workforce to 4720, over 1100 of whom are employed by the parent company. SACMI maintains one of the lowest staff turnover levels on the market (just 1,6 % in SACMI Imola), a clear sign of employee loyalty.

Despite military conflict in Europe, spiraling energy and raw material costs and severe procurement problems, the first few months of 2022 have seen SACMI move forward with determination. As President Paolo Mongardi pointed out, the company “aims to continue investing in innovation and skills. This will largely concern the new professions and enabling technologies needed to accomplish digitalization and the green transition, ensuring the company has all the tools it needs for a second century of success”.

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