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SACMI Supplies Catalan Ceramics with the Largest Press in Vietnam

The Vietnamese Group Catalan Ceramics has chosen SACMI´s technology to complete an investment plan that ambitiously aims to extend the range towards high-end medium-to-large tiles.

A completely new, SACMI-supplied production line for large glazed ceramic tiles, which spans from press to kiln outlet, is currently being installed at the Bac Ninh manufacturing plant. The beating heart of this new line is the tried and tested SACMI PH 7500, the largest, most powerful press installed in Vietnam. It produces daily about 8000 m2 of 80 cm x 80 cm tiles. Alongside this new press, Catalan Ceramics has installed a 5-layer ECP 285 horizontal drier. Downstream from the drier lies the innovative DHD-D 1208 digital decoration unit by SACMI Digital. Once decorated, the product is sent to the FCC single-layer roller kiln – a solution characterised by outstanding reliability, versatility and low consumption – via the automated loading unit, which is synchronised with the press. Also supplied in 2017 was a new SACMI PH 6500 dual cavity press for similar formats.
Catalan Ceramics, which, this year, celebrates its 10th Anniversary, thus puts the seal on a successful partnership with SACMI that began in 2007. Over the years, 9 presses have been supplied. The arrival of the PH 7500 and PH 6500, now being started up, raises that number to 11. Moreover, 12 driers, 12 kilns and a series of conveying and end-of-line solutions have been installed: these include a press loading unit, a vertical magazine and an automated sorting line. The Vietnamese player has, over the last decade, become one of the country’s top five companies. With this latest order it aims to boost market penetration capacity to nearly 20 Mm2/a and significantly increase export quotas.

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