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Automation for the Brick-Making Industry – Strategic Role for Cosmec

In an industry undergoing profound worldwide change, Cosmec plays a central role in the heavy clay sector by designing and marketing cutting-edge brick-making automation solutions.

Since January, shares in the company have been owned not just by SACMI, which will maintain a significant share of corporate capital, but also by established industry professionals who play active roles in running the company. The aim of this new company set-up is to achieve targeted development of the brick and structural ceramic business while keeping flat-extruded products under SACMI control.
The hub for all SACMI’s heavy clay expertise, Cosmec is, then, gearing up to respond to the needs of a complex market that is experiencing profound, dynamic change and growing fragmentation of the customer pool. Such changes demand a targeted response characterised by practical elasticity. The purpose of this operation is to stay ahead of a fast-evolving market through carefully targeted diversification and reorganisation. Cosmec will retain all its heavy clay expertise and, in light of the excellent company management results recently achieved, remain at the complete service of its customers as an outstandingly skilled, reliable partner.

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