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Duravit: 3rd Riedhammer Kiln Supplied to Egyptian Plant

The installation of the 3rd Riedhammer/DE shuttle kiln at the Egyptian factory of Duravit/DE underlines the strength of the successful partnership between the SACMI Group/IT and Duravit, the world-leading manufacturer of high quality designed sanitaryware.

This recently tested Riedhammer SSK 440/198-8 has been installed alongside existing sanitaryware firing/re-firing kilns. Equipped with 8 modules having effective internal dimensions of 15 m x 4, m 4 x 2 m, the kiln has a cordierite/mullite refractory lining, a feature that avoids the maintenance on exposed fibres that can sometimes lead to product defects. Moreover, the kiln is equipped with a rapid cooling system that ensures the entire first firing cycle to be completed within 14 h. Following its purchase of the 1st machines back in 2005, Duravit has, then, once again gone for SACMI-Riedhammer technology, a decision brought about by the extreme flexibility, reliability and usability of these solutions. In fact, the company is already planning to install a 4th shuttle kiln in Egypt, now its most important overseas market.

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