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SACMI’s Team for Advanced Materials

Set up in 2007, Team (Technology and Experience for Advanced Materials) is the SACMI Group organisation that merges the skills of Laeis/LU (hydraulic pressing technology and development of materials and processes), SAMA/DE (moulding technology, especially extrusion and casting automation), Riedhammer/DE (firing and drying technology), Alpha Ceramics/DE (advanced ceramics) and SACMI Imola/IT (Ceramics R&D and Engineering).

The result is a working group consisting of technicians, technologists, ceramists and designers from all these companies, a team that collaborates, coordinates and develops new projects for market segments outside the Group’s traditional spheres. A clear demonstration of Team’s achievements can be seen in the recent orders placed by ROTFIL/IT, one of Europe’s biggest manufacturers of electrical resistors, the Piazzetta Group/IT, which makes yearly 25000 home heaters and the foam glass production lines sold and already started up by Riedhammer’s personnel in Germany, Sweden, Finland and the Czech Republic. LAEIS and Alpha Ceramics have attained very good results in the development and application of a vacuum pressing technique that allows the Aachen-based company to obtain extremely high quality refractory saggars and slabs. Also deserving of mention is the sale of three presses (two Alpha series from LAEIS and a PH series from SACMI Imola), now used by important Korean manufacturers to make the sputtering targets that major TV and monitor makers use on LCD screens. Lastly, an agreement has been signed between SAMA and Zapel/PL, a leading producer of the large ceramic insulators used on high-voltage power grids.

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