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SAMA Glazing: From Dip Glazing to the Spray Glazing R-Evolution

The glazing of tableware can be complex and diversified due to the variety of shapes, technologies and volumes of product to be handled, but all customer requirements can be met by the complete SAMA/DE – SACMI/IT range of solutions and technologies for every step of the glazing process. Core products include the SAMA technology for dip glazing, solutions which have found much success on the market over the years for the two main categories of tableware products; flat and deep plates on the one hand and bowls, cups and mugs on the other. These are not, however, the only options. SAMA has also explored the possibility of robotized spray-glazing applied to the tableware sector, having spotted recent market trends leading in this direction. 

Dip-glazing, SAMA-SACMI reference market solutions

TRIPLEX is the well-known SAMA solution for the dip glazing of plates to obtain a product with a high-quality glaze in a single process. Fully automatic, the solution is suitable for items with different shapes; round, oval or square.  All machine operations can be programmed and it is possible to store the glazing programs in the memory and call them up when needed.  This solution includes different kinds of optional equipment (such as vertical lifting for deep and cylindrical items) and can handle up to 1500 pieces per hour. Thanks to Unistore, the machine can be fed from a stack of plates.  

From TRIPLEX to MONO10T Evolution, this state-of-the-art automatic system is suitable for the dip glazing of cups, mugs and bowls. The solution has evolved from the previous SAMA MONO10T, leading product on the market for the past 20 years. The special feature of this machine is its modular design which allows the customer to integrate other new features over time. Key characteristics of this solution include the rapid glaze-colour change-over as well as other details designed to reduce set-up times and thus increase plant availability, especially important with complex and diversified product mixes. 

In this case too, it is the details which make a difference; such as, for example, the 90° rotation of the cup during dipping, which prevents drops and residue forming on the surface and guarantees perfect quality of the glazed piece.  Furthermore, if a piece is lost during dipping, MONO10T Evolution automatically activates the safety device to halt the following items on the supports while the piece which has fallen into the glaze tank is retrieved. A vitally helpful feature especially with single firing production processes. This machine is unique on the market also due to its pick-up system specially configured for optimized handling of “wash foot” pieces.

In addition to the TRIPLEX and MONO solutions, which are designed to handle large volumes and are easily integrated with industrial automated systems, SAMA also offers DUO; a stand-alone machine suitable for glazing any type of article and designed for testing purposes, for small lots and versatile use. 

From SACMI’s experience in other fields of the ceramics sector; the “spray glazing” r-evolution is also applied to tableware

Whilst dip-glazing has been the most-commonly used method up to now, it is not the only glazing option for tableware available to customers. Thanks to the extensive knowledge of the tableware product that SAMA enjoys, plus the vast experience and know-how of SACMI in the field of glazing ceramic products in general, the new system COLORFLEX has been developed which completely revolutionizes the approach to tableware glazing by introducing spray-glazing; the preferred solution in the Tiles and Sanitaryware sectors. Helped by the SACMI-Gaiotto robot, COLORFLEX is the innovative “spray” solution which represents the ideal response to the need for greater versatility in a market which is continuously and constantly evolving. 

Particularly linked to the growing demand for stoneware products with a variety of glazes and decorations, COLORFLEX is a highly interesting solution from two points of view. Firstly, there is maximum versatility of the production process regardless of the shape of the article or the productive technology (single or double-firing). Secondly, the solution guarantees optimization of glaze consumption.   

Designed for high production outputs and therefore aimed at industrial applications, COLORFLEX not only offers process flexibility but also has the well-known benefits of the SACMI RobotGlaze solution, with the possibility to program the robot off line, minimizing overspray, saving time and avoiding machine stoppage.  Together with the mass control®technology to control of the amount of glaze applied, the system ensures maximum quality and repeatability of the glaze application. 

Both the glaze spraying and support cleaning operations are fully automatic and robot-controlled, thus facilitating and speeding up product size change-over. SAMA currently offers the new COLORFLEX in configurations of up to 2 SACMI-Gaiotto glazing robots. There is a wide range of sizes that can be handled; from 30 to 450 mm diameter, 180 mm height and weights from 60 g to 1 kg. 

Service excellence

The constant customer service, together with the availability of a complete pilot line that can be used to carry out all testing before industrialization, are the distinguishing features that SAMA offers the market. By further developing its range of glazing solutions and technologies in the field of tableware, the company has been able to strengthen its ability to assist customers as they move towards technological and product innovation. This is done by offering personalized solutions in line with the latest market trends for automation and versatility, in addition to glaze quality, process repeatability, plant availability and optimization of glaze consumption.  

Thanks to these features, and to its capacity to continuously evolve with a constant refining of its technology and service, the SAMA glazing lines have been leading products on the market for many years now with more than 250 solutions installed at all the top international manufacturers.

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