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The Biggest and most Efficient Brick Factory in Europe is Officially Opened

Bedeschi/IT is proud to have attended the official opening of the biggest and most efficient brick factory in Europe which was inaugurated on 17 May 2023. Back in 2019, Forterra PLC/GB decided to invest GPB 95 million for the new Desford plant to increase the production capacity of the old plant, improve its efficiency and increase its sustainability and Bedeschi was chosen as the sole supplier for this turn-key project. The new factory is a model of efficiency and sustainability with state-of-the-art automated processes designed to minimize the environmental impact of the production line.

The production capacity has been boosted from 85 million bricks/year to 180 million bricks/year, an increase of about 22 %. The bricks produced will be sufficient to build around 24 000 average family homes in Great Britain, annually. Fundamental to the plant’s efficiency improvements are two new kilns that use cutting-edge technology to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. The main benefit of this kiln is its greater thermal efficiency, which comes from the innovative kiln-carb design and additional thermal insulation, leading to greater emphasis on whole-life costings and greater energy savings. 

Modern kilns consume less gas and have more effective emissions-scrubbing technology, reducing the emission of carbon dioxide as well as other harmful waste gases. Supplementing this, the plant will incorporate a tunnel dryer, which is superior in its thermal efficiency compared to the more common chamber dryer that was in place at the previous site and many other GB brick plants.

Bedeschi’s supply includes state-of-the-art machines with sustainability mechanisms and advanced robotics hardware to optimize production processes to support customer demands while reducing environmental impact. Thanks to the machines supplied by the company, the bricks produced at Desford have a carbon footprint that is about 25 % lower than the old factory.

Equipment installation commenced in August 2021 and the factory is now in operation. For Bedeschi it was another great milestone in the company’s history. 

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