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Spanish Glaze and Colour Producers See First Signs of Recovery

As hoped, sales figures for the Spanish ceramic glaze and colour producers in June showed a first important sign of recovery respect to the very negative results for April and May. According to the trade association ANFFECC, turnover fell by 24,4 % compared to June 2019, a 20 % point recovery respect to the –40 % registered in the 2 previous months. Exports were down 29, 5 % respect to June 2019 (compared to –43 % in May and –37 % in April), while Spanish domestic sales recovered 30 % in a month, closing at –11,3 % against June 2019 (–40 % in May).

The first six months of the year registered a decrease of 16,8 % on H1 2019. So while the domestic market is showing signs of recovery thanks to the resumption of production activity in the Castellón ceramic district, foreign markets are still a cause for concern, particularly given that they account for more than 70 % of the Spanish glaze and colour producers’ annual turnover. While Europe is going back to normalization, other traditional markets are still affected by the pandemic, like India, Egypt or Brazil. ANFFECC notes that global tile production has declined considerably in recent months as the pandemic continues to impact construction activity and ceramic tile sales in many countries, creating a domino effect along the entire supply chain.

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