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Marcheluzzo Ceramics Supplies New Dryer to Mladost in Serbia

The R&D specialists team of the Italian manufacturer Marcheluzzo Ceramics has improved the internal airflow for chamber dryers, redrawing the body of the ventilation cones. The idea is born following the request of the customer that was to reduce sensibly the consumption of electricity.

The importance of a powerful and uniform internal ventilation during the drying process is known to all brick producers. Drying time, product quality and the percentage of product reject depends largely on the ventilation conditions inside the dryer. A non-uniform ventilation, both longitudinaly and transversally, induces a non-uniform shrinkage of the green bricks in the dryer. The brick surfaces being processed by a larger airflow or by air with higher speed will contract earlier compared to most parts which do not undergo this treatment resulting in possible brick rejects at the end of the drying process.

Cone test in MARCHELUZZO´s workshop

Cone test in MARCHELUZZO´s workshop

The new chamber-dryer ventilation cone type MT80evo, due to several aerodynamic solutions, allows best uniform distribution of the air at a constant speed for the whole material undergoing drying. The special geometry of the fans also allows their installation in proximity of the dryer roof allowing to take full advantage of the internal working height of the dryer. This working height inside the dryer requires a distance of at least 21 cm to the top of the dryer in order to avoid non-uniform air currents resulting in heavy losses in respect to the efficiency of the drying process. Marcheluzzo gives great importance to the quality and durability of the motors it uses for the developed and manufactured machinery. Due to a 30 % oversizing and implementation of class-H motors, these motors can be used also in heavy conditions of high temperature and humidity.

Compared to traditional cones of ventilation systems, maintenance operations of the internal ventilation system are reduced by at least 80 %. Anyway, energy consumption was the strategic aspect in developing this new generation of cones. The ventilation cones type MT80evo with their 2,2 kW installed power can guarantee a very fast return on investment, normally in one year.

The new system is the key solution to revamp all chamber dryers with low air efficiency. The task of the supply to the Serbian company Mladost in the city Vlasotince was the complete revamping of the internal air distribution for a chamber dryer constructed more than 30 years ago. The new system is in operation since middle of last year. Marcheluzzo Ceramics once again underlines its major interest for R&D activities for new products, in line with the modern market demands where energy saving, reliability, and performance should be the guidelines for industrial machinery producers.

Installation view

Airflow diagram

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