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Superpowers for Industrial Service Processes: Hands-on Augmented Reality at Ceramitec Conference 2021

Maintenance, repair, and service are in a state of flux, driven by new work principles and innovative technologies. Industrial service processes often require a lot of traveling for experts and technicians to support customers, partners and colleagues with technical issues on machinery and equipment in ceramics production.

Skilled workers are limited and their time too valuable for them to travel long distances for every service call. The Corona pandemic in early 2020 has shown what companies were not or only partially prepared for: Remaining capable to tend to customers service situations and reaching the shop floor operator when needed. Digital and professional collaboration forms are more visible than ever to keep shop floor and field operations running optimally.

At the ceramitec conference 2021 in Munich/DE, Oculavis/DE presented its Augmented Reality (AR) platform oculavis SHARE for machine builders and manufacturing companies. Industrial-grade AR technology, remote support, and standardized work instructions are united in one modular solution to change the way technical personnel interact with machinery and equipment. Related procedures such as commissioning, factory acceptance tests (FAT), equipment optimization, maintenance and short-term troubleshooting can be carried out remotely. oculavis SHARE creates the basis to systematically share relevant knowledge and to develop economies of scope in globally distributed production networks.

Lower travel costs, minimized downtimes, increased first-time-fix rates and the ability to establish digital business models for machinery and equipment manufacturers are the result of integrating oculavis SHARE into industrial processes. AR remote support and standardized work instructions are valuable solutions for maintaining operational processes. This makes services more resilient and creates an innovative customer experience to work closely on technical issues without getting too close in person.


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