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Tableware Manufacturing Plant Started up in Bangladesh

One of the most modern plants in Bangladesh for the manufacture of hard porcelain tableware, now KMG – Khater Massaad Group, has successfully started up the new Star Porcelain Pty plant near the Hobiganj district. 

The complete line, made in collaboration with the Italian Sacmi Group, spans from the body preparation, which uses certified high-quality raw materials to the dry pressing station followed by the pressure casting plants (traditional-mechanised or plastic moulding). A key factor in the company’s investment choice was the range of high efficiency isostatic pressing plants – with robotised finishing systems – with which Star Porcelain now manufacturers most of its output. Completing the order is a robotised dip-glazing station, downstream from which there is a tunnel kiln for firing in a reducing atmosphere built by Riedhammer/DE. This innovative kiln has specifically been designed for the tableware industry and equipped with a fully automated control systems. This first stage of the KMG Group investment plan will boost Star Porcelain’s yearly output to 15 million pieces, with new tableware collections offering modern aesthetics from Europe’s top artists.

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