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Tosoh Completes Expansion of Zirconia Powder Prodution

At the end of 2012 Tosoh completed its expansion of zirconia powder prodution at its Nanyo Complex.

The project got under way in April 2012 and is estimated to have cost approximately JPY 1 billion. The expanded capacity will increase its total production of zirconia powder at its Yokkaichi and Nanyo Complexes nearly 20 %. The revamped facilities, meanwhile, are in trial production. Commercial production started January 2013. Tosoh decided to epand its zirconia powder capacity in a bid to take advantage of growing demand for zirconia powder for use in dental materials.  The company seeks to increase its sales of zirconia powder almost 10 % annualy. The compan plans to mainly increase the production of its yttria-stabilized tirconia powder products. Tosoh anticipates growing demand for it as a production material for high-tech products as automobile components, dental impants, and artificial joints. (1/2013)

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