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 Industriekeramik Hochrhein at ceramitec 2024 

Since 1995, we have been developing and producing technical ceramic materials for a wide range of applications. With our modern production plants, we are able to produce fine and ultrafine oxide and non-oxide ceramic powders. In this way, we can supply specific powders quickly and flexibly from our extensive portfolio, which ranges from SiC, B4C and Si3N4 through Al2O3, YSZ and MgPSZ to composite powders. 

For ceramic shaping, we have developed ready-to-press powders, which can be used, for instance, for dry pressing. In addition, we supply diverse ceramic and metal powders for thermal spraying. 

Our customers from power plant technology, the automotive industry, machine engineering, aerospace, steel processing, casting, the paper and textile industries, the glass industry, medicine, environmental and energy engineering as well as semiconductor technology/microelectronics or ballistic protection appreciate our interdisciplinary experience in wide-ranging sectors and technologies. 

With the new shareholder Nurol Teknologji, we are able to supply ceramic applications for industrial uses and ballistic protection as well as integrated protection solutions.” 

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