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 Innovatherm Prof. Dr. Leisenberg GmbH at ceramitec 2024 

We are pleased to offer you an insight into our technology and our services at the ceramitec 2024 trade fair. Innovatherm is inextricably linked to impulse combustion technology, in which the high impulse of gas pressure instead of air ensures good atmospheric mixing in the combustion chamber. Compared to conventional combustion systems, this technology saves primary energy, reduces CO2 emissions, and improves temperature distribution. We also offer complete process engineering solutions for your kiln. 

In addition to our burners for gaseous and liquid fuels and our Novacontrol control system, we will be presenting two further innovations at the trade fair this time: Our self-developed solenoid dosing valves for air and for hydrogen. 

The EMD-L40/31 solenoid dosing valve for air allows the exact quantity of combustion air required to be metered in relation to the quantity of gas. This innovative process can drastically reduce primary energy consumption. Reference projects have resulted in fuel savings of 20 %! 

The EMD06-GA-25/24 solenoid dosing valve for operation with hydrogen is the only EC type-tested and monitored automatic class A safety shut-off valve for gaseous fuels in the world that can be operated at a pressure of up to 4 bar. 

Our systems are controlled by our Novacontrol control system. This freely programmable control system controls all your processes in ceramic production in a standardized interface. 

We are your partner when it comes to your process engineering requirements, and you are interested in modern, energy-efficient firing technology with liquid and gaseous fuels. 

Visit us at ceramitec 2024 in Munich or contact us directly. Our expertise and our references will convince you. 

Innovatherm. Your competent partner for thermal processes.