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INMATEC Technologies GmbH Widens Range of Feedstocks

INMATEC Technologies GmbH ( was founded in 1998 by Dr Moritz von Witzleben and others in Rheinbach/DE and now employs 25 people. Its core business is the customized development and production of feedstocks for Ceramic Injection Moulding (CIM). In addition, in September
2015 a new product line for MIM feedstocks was included in the production portfolio to supply GMC Feedstocks GmbH, a company newly founded at INMATEC’s location. GMC is in charge of the sales of MIM feedstock “specialities” on the basis of a catalytically removed binder system and is a legally
independent entity that contracts INMATEC to produce MIM feedstocks. In this way, initial experience with a catalytically removed binder system could be gained, which has now become extremely useful as INMATEC has also begun to develop ceramic injection moulding feedstocks on this basis (working name:
INMAPOM). With this product, it is possible to serve those customers who have so far been supplied with POM-based ceramic feedstocks. After BASF SE made the strategic decision to discontinue the production of ceramic feedstocks in mid-2017, the users of these products find by using the new developed INMAPOM feedstock series a secure alternative. It is important to them that they can continue production with their existing plant technology, which is enabled by the development of the INMAPOM feedstocks. We were able to discuss this and other wider activities with the specialists at INMATEC, Managing Director Dr Moritz von Witzleben (MvW), Dr Karin Hajek (KH) – Head of Sales and Daniela Raab (DR) – Sales and Project Management.

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