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Influence of some Process Variables on Shades in Inkjet-Decorated Tiles

A common problem in decorated ceramic tile manufacture is the difficulty of keeping the same shade in tiles from different lots. In the case of inkjet-decorated tiles, the problem is more pronounced owing to the small particle size of the pigments used in the inks (

CerCO2 – the CO2 Emission Simulation Tool for the Ceramic Industry

Ceramics manufacturing is energy intensive and the ceramic industry is subject to regulatory policies and strong controls on greenhouse gas emissions, responsible for climate change. European policies seek to reduce these emissions by 20 % and by 40 % in 2020 and 2040, respectively, and by 83 % to 87 % in 2050, compared to … Weiterlesen …

parLIFECERAM: Zero Waste in Ceramic Tiles Manufacture

Ceramic tiles manufacture in the EU generates wastes in different production process stages. The estimated total amount of wastes is almost 1,5 Mt/a. A significant percentage of these wastes cannot be recycled in current ceramic manufacturing processes or products owing to the resulting changes in the behaviour of the ceramic compositions during manufacturing and the … Weiterlesen …