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200 Years of Arno Witgert

Since 1820, Arno Witgert, a company based in Herschbach, Germany, has been involved in the extraction and refining of clays from the Westerwald area, making it the oldest still active Westerwald clay mining company.

The family business is managed by Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Michael Liebig (ML) in the 8th generation together with his wife Regina Roos-Liebig.
Originally, the company was involved exclusively in mining with the extraction of clays. Today, the company concentrates on the development of customer-specific products. That is based on raw materials from its own mines and externally sourced materials as well as the preparation of ready-to-use ceramic bodies. Today, with 35 employees, the company generates around EUR 6 million annual turnover and sells around 150 000 t ceramic raw materials, almost half of which in prepared form.

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