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MCS®: Minerals for Life

The Group MCS® is a EUR 50 million (1,5 Mt) turnover business with 30 % generated from export sales to some 25 countries.

MCS®is recognized as the only international raw material supplier with such a broad portfolio of mineral resources located in Portugal. The company is a high quality producer of a wide portfolio of more than 400 000 t/a of high alumina plastic clays and kaolins suitable for tile, tableware, sanitaryware, glaze and engobe applications. It supplies white and coloured ceramic bodies in Portugal and has an extensive range of hard and soft porcelain bodies, fine stoneware, technical, earthenware, electroporcelain; sanitaryware and tile bodies avail able. MCS® also offers a range of feldspars and quartz for both ceram­ics and non­ceramic applications. During CEVISAMA 2020, Brendan Clifford (BC), Co­CEO MCS®, gave us his views on the mineral market for the ceramic industry.

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