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ICF & WELKO – Spray Drying Technology

ICF & WELKO/IT has been designing, building and assembling turnkey plants for powder production, for over 50 years, with growing success in various sectors.

Originally focused on designing spray dryers for production of powder for ceramic tiles, ICF & WELKO has diversified its production by turning to different and more technological sectors:

–       Ceramic Powder for Refractory and Insulating

–       Powder for Hard Alloy Tools and Components

–       Powder for Chemical Dyes and Pigments

–       Additives for Building Material

–       Additives for Detergent

–       Powders for Automotive Components

–       Powders for Petrochemical Industry.

 Over the years we integrated the plant with the preparation of concentrates and solutions to be dried and we implemented solutions for the treatment, storage and packaging of the finished product. Our policy focus on quality with made in Europe components, on energy saving with different solution for self/external sources energy recovery, on improvement with in-house design and exclusive know-how, and on efficient post-sale service with online remote assistance and on-site technical assistance available within 24 h.

 In the drying process we can supply different types of spray dryers, from laboratory to massive production equipment: 0,5–24 000 l/h of evaporating capacity:

–       Rotary Disk Spray Dryer

–       Equi-Current and Counter-Current Double Fluid Nozzle Spray Dryer

–       Equi-Current and Counter-Current Pressure Nozzle Spray Dryer

–       Combined Systems Flexible Spray Dryer.

The spray dryers are studied case by case tailored according to the request of the customer: our internal laboratory carry on accurate tests on the material to be dried, considering the moisture, pH of the suspension, choice of possible additives, viscosity and density; collected data lead to the determination of the most suitable type of equipment to grant the requested granulometric curve, qualitative resistance and the residual moisture. The control management of the plant can reach highest levels of automatization.

In our premises we can prepare the different slurries engineered by customers, carry out tests on innovative material mixes and execute small production batches for market tests, with the utmost confidentiality and discretion.

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