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MCS® – Mota Ceramic Solutions®’ Vision

MCS® – Mota Ceramic Solutions®’ vision is to be a market-led, cost-leader in the supply of quality raw materials and ceramic bodies to national and international customers. However, MCS® offers more, it is committed to provide ‘fit for purpose’ products, together with on site technical support services, worldwide, in an effort to be recognised as a reliable, alternative and international ceramic industry partner.

MCS®’s strategy and business success is based on product innovation and a willingness to collaborate with customers, institutions and equipment suppliers to overcome industry challenges. By doing so, it ensures its clients gain competitive advantage from the Group´s ability to deliver quantifiable benefits in terms of product functionality, process performance and/or cost savings. Obviously, Portugal is a key market, but the Group can only achieve its long-term growth plans with a strong international brand, broad sustainable portfolio of mineral resources, including some 58 quarries and concessions, for plastic clays, kaolin, feldspar and quartz. MCS® turnover in 2019 was EUR 50 million, with 50 % generated from ceramic bodies and 50 % from raw materials supplied to over 25 countries, where international sales represent almost 30 % of total Group revenue. This achievement is proof of MCS®’s credibility and cost effective supply chain. Nowhere are efforts to add value seen more clearly than in MCS®’s production of ceramic bodies.
Today, the Group produces yearly more than 250 000 t in slurry, filter cake, spray-dried granulate and plastic forms for tile and tableware applications. This unparalleled range of bodies, for all industry sectors and shaping technologies, complements the Group’s strong mineral base and manufacturing capabilities. MCS® also operates sector-focused Centres of Excellence that employ state-of-the-art instrumentation for physical and chemical charaterisation, operated by industry-experienced technologists. This capability ensures rigorous raw material, process and final-product quality control as well as an ability to design new products for tomorrow’s manufacturing challenges.
Whether clients are trying to adopt new technologies or optimize product yields, MCS®’s expertise in ceramic raw material supply and body formulation across all ceramic industry sectors means the Group can help:
• design specific products for existing processes;
• improve performance of existing formulations;
• create new products for new process technologies;
• use proven project management techniques to take work seamlessly from the laboratory to pilot plant and full scale manufacturing;
• whether it is a shredded clay, kaolin, fully refined clay or ceramic body, all of our multi-mineral solution contain the Group´s raw materials and industry experience.
CLAYS & KAOLINS – The Group is recognized as a high-quality producer of a wide portfolio of more than 400 000 t of high-alumina plastic clays and kaolins suitable for tile, tableware, sanitaryware, glaze and engobe applications.
CERAMIC BODIES – MCS® pioneered the supply of white ceramic bodies in Portugal and today has an extensive range of hard and soft porcelain bodies, fine stoneware, technical, earthenware, electroporcelain, sanitaryware and tile bodies.
FELDSPAR & QUARTZ – Complimenting its range of clays, kaolins and ceramic bodies, MCS® also offers a range of feldspars and quartz for both ceramics and non-ceramic applications.
MCS® is also aware of the importance of the circular economy and takes steps to minimize its environmental footprint in line with its sustainability policy on waste management, emission reduction and recycling of ceramic by-products. MCS® is also commited to environmental protection and corporate social responsibility with regards to the communities in which it operates, and its employees.

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