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Rapid Dry: the New Dryers Generation

The recent and uncontrolled increases in the price of methane have made the need to drastically reduce
the consumption of thermal machines even more urgent. SE.TE.C.-Group/IT, which has always been at the
forefront of innovation in the ceramic sector, in recent years has focused its attention on various solutions
aimed at saving energy; in particular, thanks to the European co-financing of the Life Program, both new
formulations for low-firing sanitaryware (Life Sanitser Project) and a new generation of low-consumption
intermittent and tunnel kilns (Life Economick Project) have been developed.
The latest Life Project, called Rapid Dry, started in June 2020 and is dedicated to energy saving in the drying
process of sanitaryware and tableware. In particular, the project has two main topics: the construction
of a low consumption dryer and the optimization of sanitary mixtures through the introduction of recycled
materials. In this article, the authors focus their attention on the dryer. Before going into the details, it is
useful to give a brief explanation on how the drying process takes place and what are the criticalities of
current dryers.

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