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System Ceramics: Creadigit and 4Phases Packaging System

A few months after releasing Creadigit on the market, the automatic machine unit for decorating ceramic tiles that uses the very latest inkjet technology, System Ceramics/IT has already garnered a claim  from ceramic companies Savoia Italia and the Spanish Gaya Fores.
Once  they tested the results obtained with Creadigit, Savoia decided to place a second order. The technical aspect that most impressed the client was the high productivity of the system. For Gaya, instead, was  the particular characteristics of Creadigit, which are well above average, when compared to the digital systems currently in operation, and best proved for large size porcelain stoneware and monoporosa products (listels) on which the Spanish company reproduces the look of  natural woods and stones.Due to the company’s production set up, Savoia has worked so far with full prints taking maximum advantage of the available colour bars (for rustic products such as stone walls, stones, marbles), but now its goal is to offer delicate products to its customers. Savoia Italia has used the first machine to mainly work on 50 cm × 50 cm size,  while with the second it focuses on manufacturing 30 cm × 30 cm size with several production campaigns in 30 cm× 60 cm size. Thanks to the  cutting edge print heads producing 400 dpi at 40 m/min, Creadigit  uses 6 colour bars and prints 4 levels of grey. It can work at high speeds while maintaining the sharp quality of the print. The recirculation system at the level of the plate that contains the nozzles increases the range: the machine can work for about 5 h without needing cleaning cycles with lineless performance. The revolutionary packaging system 4Phases of System Ceramics has been  chosen by Marazzi Italy and Spain to optimize packaging costs, mainly for large sizes. By choosing 4Phases, Marazzi has solved many problems  related to the packaging of ceramic products. This is thanks to a selection and packaging system that uses a single 1200 mm × 1200 mm neutral cardboard sheet that can be formed to obtain all desired sizes. Due to its flexibility, 4Phases can handle any supply in real time and allows for the building of in-house packaging, thus eliminating industrial packaging costs. The machine comes with printers that can print  graphics (trademarks, product information, codes, etc.) in real time. The packaging is automatically built around the product, thus drastically reducing the costs of packaging especially for medium/large sizes. The environmental outcome of this industrial decision is also positive: cardboard savings can be as high as 80 % and energy savings during production are equally significant. (12/2012)

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