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 Highly Specialized Products for Use in Technical Ceramics, the Refractory and Polishing Industries 

Nabaltec manufactures, develops and distributes special oxides and environmentally friendly, flame-retardant fillers. 

These two highly specialized product segments have been developed based on aluminum oxide and aluminum hydroxide. 

The company´s product range specialty alumina includes aluminum oxide for applications in refractory industry, technical ceramics, polishing agents and thermal management. 

Nabaltec offers spray dried granulates as a ready-to-use solution for applications such as wear-resistant ceramics and ballistic protection for people and vehicles. 

Our technical service and sales team is permanently identifying new opportunities and seeks to address them with steadily improved existing, and the development of new products. This is done in close co-operation with our customers and with a clear focus on new technologies contributing to lower carbon footprint, always bearing the safety of people in mind. 

Headquartered in Schwandorf / Germany, Nabaltec manufactures in two further locations in the USA: Nashtec in Corpus Christi / Texas and Naprotec in Chattanooga / Tennessee. 

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