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 Riedhammer: 100 Years of Experience in Innovative, Energy-Efficient Heat Treatment Technology for Your Products 

Riedhammer GmbH, founded in 1924 and thus celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, will be at ceramitec 2024 to present its innovative, efficient, energy-saving heat treatment technology. This technology focuses on current market requirements with regard to technical ceramics, automotive batteries, fuel cell production, H2 firing technology and recycling processes. The company’s strategy is to provide specific solutions for ever-more demanding processes and an ever-expanding number of applications, upstream and downstream operations included, all in compliance with the latest standards and regulations. 

For many years now, Riedhammer’s customized energy-efficient kilns for technical ceramics, including the required handling systems and automation, have been winning market acclaim. With the advent of multi-lane pusher-type tunnel kilns, the Riedhammer portfolio includes a sophisticated, technologically advanced product that customers successfully use to manufacture complex parts under difficult process control conditions at temperatures of up to 1750 °C. 

The focus is currently on the Advanced Materials Business Unit, which works with the Lithium-ion Battery (LiB) plants that supply the global battery industry. Riedhammer offers special solutions for the heat treatment of all common lithium battery materials. Its battery kilns, specifically designed for this sector, make the company a specialist in the heat treatment of cathode active materials (CAM, pCAM) and graphite/silicon-based current anode materials. Riedhammer’s gastight roller hearth kilns (RHK) and rotary kilns (RK) provide perfect process conditions for numerous applications (e.g. controlled-atmosphere processes with N2, O2, H2 and special gases). As a SACMI Group member, the Riedhammer/Sacmi portfolio also includes the relative handling systems and additional equipment for upstream/downstream processes along the LiB value chain, plus engineering services. 

Additionally, Riedhammer offers complete solutions for LiB recycling processes; these consist mainly of crushing, pyrolysis, mechanical separation and exhaust gas post-treatment. Riedhammer also supplies complete customer-specific lines with low energy consumption for the manufacture of foam glass gravel using wet or dry technology. Alongside the above-mentioned processes, Riedhammer supplies plant engineering technology for fuel cell production, seen as the efficiency technology of the future, and implements it according to specific customer needs. 

As part of the SACMI Group, Riedhammer can also offer corresponding upstream processes, such as pressing and automation technology. Remarkably, the idea behind fuel cell technology is more than 180 years old: hydrogen plus oxygen generates electricity and heat. Many years ago, this technology was already being used in space. 

Nowadays, with ‘green hydrogen’, fuel cells look set to play a key role in environmental policy by providing drive technology for airplanes, trains and heavy vehicles. Working closely with our customers, the ambitious Riedhammer team is keeping pace with the advances in this sector and can provide and/or develop multiple technologies, whatever the required thermal process. 

On the sanitaryware manufacturing front, Riedhammer’s newly developed EMS Neo energy-saving system ensures precision kiln atmosphere control; this is combined with optimized heat transfer to minimize energy consumption on sanitaryware tunnel kilns. 

Moving on to tableware, further innovations in the design of biscuit-firing and glost-firing kilns, as well as stoneware kilns for the tableware industry, allow Riedhammer to provide highly efficient units with significantly augmented kiln dimensions, extremely low energy consumption and outstanding product quality. This comes in the wake of similar results with tunnel and roller kilns. 

In the refractory firing sector, Riedhammer has, in recent years, supplied – in addition to classic high-temperature tunnel kilns for temperatures up to 1850 °C – several high-temperature tunnel kilns with lightweight linings and special roof systems for temperatures up to 1650 °C; needless to say, these feature cutting-edge technology and excellent efficiency. 

Note also that the Riedhammer portfolio comprises eco-friendly tempering kilns for magnesia carbon and dolomite bricks that can operate at up to 650 °C, with a highly efficient heat recovery system ensuring ultra-low energy consumption. 

The H2 firing technology used on Riedhammer kilns is fully developed and tested. It is therefore fully available and has already been implemented successfully on multiple projects. On request, Riedhammer also provides an in-depth assessment service for the modernization and conversion of existing plants from natural gas to hydrogen, followed by the necessary practical measures. 

For general modernization of existing plants the highly trained Riedhammer team of senior engineers and experienced commissioning engineers work out a tailor-made ‘revamping’ strategy together with the customers; this aims to reduce energy consumption, boost output, improve quality and make plants safer, also by installing, optimizing and modernizing automation/handling systems and sophisticated control/display systems. 

As part of the SACMI Group, which has a global network of agencies and representatives, Riedhammer guarantees effective customer service anytime, anywhere worldwide, plus professional on-site support. 

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