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Servo-Motorized Multi-Platen Press EP16 M Ultra-Digital

The new DORST Technologies EP16 M servo-motorized uniaxial powder press with an additional press level at the bottom opens up new possibilities for producing staged parts from metal powder, technical ceramics and tungsten carbide with maximum precision and performance.

Isostatic Press PI60/4 – the Next Generation

After a fundamental revision and diligent model care, DORST Technologies/DE presents the next generation of the proven, dry isostatic universal powder press PI60/4 for the production of rods, shafts, tubes, sleeves and balls made of technical ceramics, hard metal or other powdery materials.

Mobile Nozzle-Type Spray Drying Plant for Materials Development and Production of Pilot Batches

DORST TECHNOLOGIES/DE has added a compact and mobile device to their current product portfolio of nozzle-type spray drying plants. Going by the name SMART Lab Atomizer, this small but effective device now available to materials developers in both the industrial and the research sector will allow them to make qualified predictions for the subsequent scaled … Weiterlesen …