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Comprehensive Range of High-Temperature Industrial Chamber Furnaces for Heat Treatment of Technical Ceramics

Carbolite Gero/DE is a specialist in high-temperature heat treatment technology. It offers a broad product portfolio for use in the range 30–3000 °C. Heat treatment using Carbolite Gero furnaces can be carried out under air, vacuum, partial pressure or overpressure. Inert gases, such as nitrogen and argon as well as reactive gases, such as oxygen … Weiterlesen …

Graphitisation at up to 3000 °C

Graphite is a soft, slippery, greyish-black substance. It has a metallic lustre and is opaque to light. Graphite, which is often simply named carbon, is a good conductor of heat and electricity. Under inert gas or vacuum graphite is extremely temperature-resistant which makes it an interesting material for high temperature applications.