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Pre-Drying in the Production of Sanitaryware – KOHLER’s Experience

Drying is an important process in the production of sanitaryware, due to the critical issues related to
the process itself and to the importance of the physical time spent in the entire production cycle. Space,
manpower for loading and unloading and handling of the ware trucks, parking buffers, time and energy
required, all are critical and with the increasing need to reduce in process times are required. Low consumption
of power, with optimization of the available thermal energy and recovery, and near zero losses
in drying are what every factory tries to achieve. However, there are limits related to the types of pieces,
their shapes, their complexity with even the same model of piece from the same manufacturer, behaving
differently if made in different factories, this can have different effects on the pieces drying behaviour. It
is true that drying takes place mainly in the drying room, but it should be remembered that it begins as
soon as it is removed from the mould. It then continues in the parking areas in the casting room and ends
after final drying at the exit from the dryer. It is right from the start that the most critical phase begins,
the contraction and where the material is most vulnerable to thermal changes, air flows and movements.

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